Change your mind, and you change your world.
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Fun and Frustration by Tobias 15 hours ago
I played Ori and the Blind Forest and have been playing Hollow Knight recently. The former made difficulty fun, the latter's 'difficulty' made me stop playing it.
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Ah, Nostalgia by Tobias 1 week ago
Rediscovering things we liked when younger can be a pleasant thing, and it's nice to check back on them and see they're still alive with new content. I've been told by many people that my MARDEK games were a pleasant part of their childhoods, so it's a shame I never finished them.
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Bursting my Bubble? by Tobias 2 weeks ago
It's been a relatively eventful week, the last for probably a while... I went for another checkup about my brain tumour, and also tried facing some weird fears... which put a lot of things into perspective and made me aware of how small and distorted my psychological bubble has become lately (and how valuable relationships are, again).