Change your mind, and you change your world.
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Measures of Success by Tobias 1 week ago
In a dismal daze of masochistic procrastination, I did some silly online quizzes to see whether they confirmed my thoughts that my life and personality aren't much good. They did!
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Acceptance as an Antidote by Tobias 3 weeks ago
My thought processes have been quite toxic for the last couple of years. This isn't leading anywhere good. Mindful acceptance seems the ideal antidote, so I want to work more on cultivating that.
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Lost and Tired by Tobias 4 weeks ago
I'm not dead! Well, not yet, anyway. Though I have wished that I was several times over these past few weeks. Depression isn't a pleasant thing. I've been struggling with that, and my time's been consumed by academic work, but it's Easter now, and I've got three weeks where I should be able to relax a bit more. I want to get back into creative work, but I'm unsure what to do.